Essay teachers build nation

essay teachers build nation

wiser and are ready to lead from the front. Knowledge is the basis for national development as decisions are made to improve the well being of the people. Role of teacher in character building. Regardless of whether learners are slow or fast, teachers instill in them the importance of working hard in what they are good at and being people of high integrity.

To facilitate knowledge acquisition the input of the teachers is required, and they are well placed to motivate the learners to work hard work, gain knowledge and be successful. Teaching as a profession is probably the most challenging because it combines all the other professions in order to help a child grow. A teacher acts as a guide, but they also need to be highly committed to prepare the learners and impart useful skills on them. When an individual learns to invest one's surplus strength, knowledge and power to serve other people, he or she becomes a person, develops a new energy resource, namely character- energy. Teachers are entrusted with the responsibility of teaching, supporting learning and moral development.

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