Short biographys

short biographys

order to ascertain whether they can be trusted. Generally, it's best to start with an outline so you know what details are going to be included in the biography. Abraham Lincoln ( ) US President during American civil war. Queen Elizabeth, iI (1926 ) British monarch since 1954. Lewis ( ) British author Billie Holiday ( ) American jazz singer.R.R. Women who changed the world Famous women who changed the world. If you're writing a short biography that will be sent out in a company-wide email in order to introduce a new employee, you'll probably write about the person's work history and experience, with perhaps a few personal facts thrown in that will help co-workers get. If you hurt someone's reputation through your unauthorized biography, you could be setting yourself up for a lawsuit.

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Last updated 1000 Years of Famous People at Amazon Famous People by Category Famous by religion. In such a situation, a good approach is to focus primarily on what makes this person special, and target your research accordingly. Someone unknown will be a tougher sell because you have to convince people to care about this unknown entity. Roosevelt ( ) US President. 100 most influential people A list of 100 most influential people as chosen by Michael. These are the things that someone reading about the subject are probably interested in learning. A secondary source was created at a later time, based on primary or secondary sources, such as a review, analysis or documentary. However, a biography is usually far more compelling if the subject is willing to talk to you. Donald Trump (1946 ) Businessman, essays about image based writing politician, bill Gates (1955 ) American businessman, founder of Microsoft. Mahatma Gandhi ( ) Leader of Indian independence movement. This list includes famous actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, writers, artists and humanitarians.