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book abstract

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book abstract

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A lot of the learning is in the exercises, which I feel are organized masterfully to let the reader continue teaching himself. Algebras, algebras, boolean algebra Clifford Algebras Quaternions Galois Theory Further abstract algebra Category theory Lattice theory Matroids Authors Related books Information for contributors This wikibook shall give an introduction to the fundamental concepts of abstract algebra, such as groups, rings and ideals, and fields and. Groups, subgroups, cyclic groups, permutation groups, homomorphism. The conversational style feeds me the material just the way I like it: discussion of general concepts that we feel are true, exploration of some examples, and then a theorem that shows it is actually true. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. If I may be so bold as to skirt on the edges of blasphemy, some other peopl Holy morphism, this book is great. I've been evangelizing to friends and coworkers the spirit of algebra with (very) limited success. If I may be so bold as to skirt on the edges of blasphemy, some other people might have a fleeting thought that it would possibly, be it Pinter's will, benefit the neophyte to have an ever so slightly extended answer key.