Essay corporal punishment children

essay corporal punishment children

their future life. On the contrary, the supporters of physical punishment ban advocate that physical punishment is a kind of physical abuse and violate the human rights children. Instead, show them the fear of doing something wrong and children will obey and behave absolutely right when they are afraid of punishment. Physical punishment is a discipline method used to cause a child to experience pain to control or correct his or her unacceptable behaviour. Some parents feel it is difficult to manage small children without physical punishment. Others argue that the appropriate use of corporal punishment should be one of methods to teach children a lesson. Not only did they not suffer harm from their parent hitting; they learned valuable lessons that benefited them into their adult lives. They just want their children to be well-behaved and well-educated as adults prepared to make contribution to a society.

It became a controversial issue nowadays. However, I am partially agreeing the physical punishment. In this essay, I will explore the both sides of this.

Similarly, the more physical punishment experienced in the teen years, the higher the percentage people have a drinking problem, depressive symptoms, and thought about killing themselves. They thus feel that this is a proper form of discipline for their own children. Another point is that, it teaches the children that they can use force to make others to do what we want, especially when didn't understand their mistake. However, corporal punishment hardly seems to be effective because physical punishment just gives them pain but nothing else. For example, the more physical punishment people experienced as children, the greater the percentage who, only a few years later in life, hit their spouses (Straus, 1994). It is a strategy that should be used at the correct time, not because of anger. Similarly, a research result showed that African-American children had beneficial or neutral outcomes when applied a non-abusive physical punishment (Horn, Joseph, Cheng, 2004). They grew up healthily and productively as members of society. In addition, research studies discussed above, demonstrate that physical punishment can lead to emotional and behavioural problems, such as depression, antisocial behaviours, family violence, and other criminal activities. The repeated and often used physical punishment is, in the other words, child abuse. Secondly, corporal punishment has a serious backlash in child development. Those schools that exert physical punishment will cause do you quote yourself in a essay physical harm on them.