How to reflection essay

how to reflection essay

mLA format. You can also detect errors made by other authors and correct them when it comes to your writing. I took pictures of the sand, the gulls, the waves, then embarrassed, I took a selfie of myself against the ocean waves.". To come up with a good reflective essay, you have to know how to bring out a smooth flow of your work.

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Why did I have the reaction I did to this? Choose a Topic Idea, if you haven't been assigned a topic and don't have a topic in mind, check the list of topics above for inspiration. A reflective essay on literature materials in this type of essay one is expected to read through a literature piece and write a summary about the material, then later reflect on how the piece relates with their own lives. Format, the format of a reflective essay greatly differs from that of a normal argumentative or research essay. You should also show how the experiences have changed your behavior and feelings about different aspects of the society.

Answer the Questions You Selected Read your questions, then answer them. When presenting a story, do it in a chronological manner so that your readers can understand the plot. A good idea of encrypting the same is by writing them in form of topic sentences, so that they can be clear and to the point. After introducing the idea, you should support your idea by giving relevant reflections.