Gender and diversity in the workplace research paper

gender and diversity in the workplace research paper

spot. Many times, I have had situations where diverse perspectives from my staff helped me stay true to Cisco values. Improved decision making processes, gender diversity in boards increases diversity of ideas by revelation 21 essay introducing different perspectives and problem-solving approaches. Diverse workplaces are composed of employees with varying characteristics including, but not limited to, religious and political beliefs, gender, ethnicity, education, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation and geographic location. "Why And How To Close The Gender Gap In The Life Sciences". Also referred to as Gender Equality, incorporating this work culture in organizations will be an add-on to the companys bottom line results. Moreover, a study conducted by the University of British Columbia demonstrates that women on boards help companies to conclude better M A deals, reducing their costs.4.

While diverse workforces aren't limited to employees from different countries who speak more than one language or have varying ethnic backgrounds, employees with these characteristics are beneficial to companies looking to expand or improve existing operations in national, regional or local markets. Initially, companies should engage with employees and give them the opportunity to unleash their knowledge, skills and implement the innovative ideas, which can drive an organization forward. As workplaces embrace the idea of diversity, they often realize benefits that help improve their companies, from new ideas to increased international opportunities. The belief is that expansion will drive profits for companies, though Sullivan cautions that profitability as a result of a diverse workplace depends on location and target market. Additional GDP comes from the triple effect of the increase in hours worked by women, the higher participation of women in the workforce, and a greater representation of women in high-productivity sectors. Typically, men and women perceive a situation or problem from different viewpoints and come up with solutions accordingly. With a value proposition that promotes gender diversity, companies are more likely to attract talented people that are sensible to the problem and take into consideration gender equality policies when considering different employers.

According to a pair of 2017 industry reports, men and women enter the industry in equal numbers, but women comprise or less of C-suite positions, and less than 20 of Board of Directors positions. In the United States, workplace bullying nursing essay the figures are 17 percent for executive committees and just under 19 percent for boards. Diverse workforces may be plagued with problems if employees aren't equipped with the knowledge they need to communicate effectively with their coworkers, regardless of their differences. And there are women who want to put work first and family second. Both discriminating against female employees (in terms of hiring and advancement) and treating them in a sexual manner (sexual harassment) are now against the law. 19 In the life sciences industry edit The life sciences industry covers a lot of ground and includes pharmaceutical companies, research support and services firms, research tool and reagent manufacturers, among other types, though in some contexts it is equated with drug development companies (. Springer Science Business Media. Women with children were understood to care more about the children than about work. Life Science Leader (Blog). When it came to communications and effective collaboration, over half felt that women were better. 17 In support of addressing systemic gender bias against women in leadership and stem (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) that manifests early in life, the ETF provider has pledged to direct an unknown portion of its revenue to charitable organizations. With a gender-diverse workforce, the company can expand its customer base and offer better services.

Diversity may be infused into advertising practices to ensure products and services are targeted to all consumers who represent the target market, whether through print, online, television or radio. Make sure you and your colleagues call each other out when you see such biases in practice.

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