Literatures thesis

literatures thesis

Beskow, Astrid Lindgren, Tove Jansson, Maria Gripe, Anna Lisa Warnlöf, Lennart Hellsing, Karin Anckarsvärd, Inger Sandberg, plus a school of critics and historians. Henry Treece, whose gifts were directed to depicting violent action and vigorous, barbaric characters, produced a memorable series of Viking novels of which Swords from the North (1967) is typical. The atmosphere was further lightened by Grandfathers Chair (1841) and its sequels, retellings of stories from New England history by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Of all the members of the flourishing Rousseauist or quasi-Rousseauist school of the moral tale, only one was a true writer. But counterforces were at work: a vigorous upsurge of interest, influenced by European thinkers, in the education and nurture of children; the dying-out of the old Puritanism; and the accumulation of enough national history to stimulate the imagination. Almost all of the 35 majors at Bates culminate in a senior thesis of one or two semesters. On the whole, during the millennium separating Alcuin from Newbery, the childs mind was thought of, if at all, as something to be improved; his imagination as something to be shielded; his soul as something to be saved. In the early 1950s, childrens book clubs flourished, though they appeared to be on the wane little more than a decade later. On the whole, however, pre-Revolutionary Russia could make only a few feeble gestures toward the creation of an independent childrens literature.

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During these decades, de la Mare, Miss Potter, Kipling, Barrie, Grahame, and. Perhaps Denmarks boldest original talent is Anne Holm, who aroused healthy controversy with her (to some) shocking narrative of a displaced boys journey to Denmark, the novel David (1963; Eng. Physics (M, m politics (M psychology (M religious Studies (M, m). He also produced excellent work in other juvenile fields. At first glance such a climate hardly seems to favour expand vocabulary essay the growth of a childrens literature. Struwwelpeter (Shock-headed Peter by the premature surrealist Heinrich Hoffmann, aroused cries of glee in children across the continent. Alices Adventures in Wonderland improved none, delighted all. Yet it remains a mystery. The event was an important one.