Research papers working capital management pdf

research papers working capital management pdf

given to cash budgeting, forecasting, banking relationships and other common scenarios with specific requirements. With detailed insight applicable to each phase in the business cycle, this authoritative guide helps managers revamp current practices for more efficient use of assets and liabilities, including more stringent monitoring and planning of collections, disbursements, and balances. This has led to selection of four companies representing India Tyre Industry, namely MRF Ltd., Apollo Tyres Ltd.,.K. After focusing on the varying aspects and themes of working capital, such as inventory management, strategic accounting, trade credit, and short-term debt, the authors move on to identify the long-term implications and opportunities raised by this often overlooked aspect of corporate finance. Merely more effective and efficient management of working capital can ensure survival of a business enterprise. They show not only how to prevent the losses that result from mishandling working capital, but also how to fully exploit the strategic potential that intelligent, expert management of working capital allows. Effectively maintaining funds for ongoing activities and keeping those funds liquid, mobile, and available is a masterful skillset lacking in business. To analyse the relative proportion of different sources of finance for working capital of Indian Tyre industry.

Managing a companys short-term resources is both an art and a science. Working Capital Management offers practical advice for managers in this challenging position, providing guidance that helps them: Learn the specific metrics at work in capital management, and the problems that they can cause Improve cash management with robust fraud protection and better use of short-term. Working Capital Management in Indian Tyre Industry.

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The inventory utilization.K. Readers will learn how to minimize investments in idle resources, and how to maximize the use of forecast data to better identify risk and the optimal use of available funds. Working Capital Management is concerned with the problems that arise in attempting to manage the show more content, to assess at length, prevalent practices of inventory management, cash management and receivables management on the profitability and liquidity of firms in the Tyre Industry. Has thrown the spotlight onto those companies that have adjusted well to credit contraction and the weakened economy, and these success stories some of which are noted in the book demonstrate that a positive business outcome can be accomplished. The data so collected is analyzed by applying various research tools which include accounting tools like Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Common Size and Trend Analysis. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics issn Issue null hypothesis essay 46 (2010) EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. Working Capital Management is a hands-on look at the crucial decision of how to define and finance the operating investments of a business. Hence, its a case of purposive sampling requiring an in-depth analysis of each selected company. And Ceat is quite effective but Apollo and MRF need to take measures to increase to stock turnover). Research Design, the present study is focused on understanding the impact of efficient working capital management on the profitability and liquidity of the companies.

research papers working capital management pdf