Magnetism essay

magnetism essay

extreemly hot and with that it must be above the currie point, where a magnet's electrons situate and create, when cooled, a magnet. The way magnatism works is this: magnatism is all based on the simple principle of electrons and there behavior. In these three labs we delt with some of the same ideas which have pondered over for long before any of us were around. This same principle can be applied to a piece of metal that has been sitting next to a magnatized piece of metel in that over the long time they are togather the very slow moving atoms in the metal situate in the same fassion also. We also notice that mathmatically there is a relationship. This is the most important equation in this section of the lab for that very reason. The next lab we conducted consisted of a factory made coil, an ammeter to find the value of the current we were creating and a bar magnet to act as a magnetic field. Now strength indicates that there is a magnatude to the field, thus giving us the first part of a vector. But to put this theory into mathmatical application we can use the formula of Fb and say that since we know it takes two magnetic fields to cause motion (represented in this equation by F) and we know that B is in itself a magnectic. As they do this they are also rotating on there own axis. Some examples where electromagnets are used in household items are: VCRs, tape players, television cameras, computer disk drives, many small motors and large motors and even doorbellswhich we will learn about later in this project.

Ritchie, magnatism is a wonderous natural phenomanon. North and south poles, in 1263 Pierre de maricourt a french solidure mapped the magnetic field of a lodestone with a compass. Embed (for m hosted blogs and archive. That moves us onto the last part of the lab where we used the same coil from part two and hooked it up in a system (pictured on next page) where we could measure the current strength and have our teeter-totter with an electric current. The left hand rule for a straight conductor says that when the lines of flux are created they repel from the north end of the compass in a certain direction (depending on which way the charge is moving). What this means is that it's too hot for a magnet to possibly exhist at that temperature. As we see the TT is now unballanced.

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