Drug trafficking united states research paper

drug trafficking united states research paper

slaves are sold and exploited for labor or sexual purposes (Mizus, Moody, Privado, Douglas, 2003). In some developing countries, abject poverty coupled with the need to ensure that daughters marry for the sake of alleviating the economic burden on the family make daughters vulnerable to human trafficking. Most of these drugs are smuggled in by illegal immigrants. In fact, from the 1950s to 1970s, the United States together with South Korea agreed to set up R R (rest and relaxation) centers, which at times entailed prostitution.

Criminal Justice Review, 31(2 146169. Research on human trafficking in North America: A review of literature. Global human smuggling (pp. Scully (2001) states that the history of human trafficking, particularly sex trafficking, can be divided into three distinct time periods: (1) the 1840s to the early 1890s, (2) the late 1890s to World War I, and (3) 1919 through World War. Places such as India, Burma, and Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka, an island to the southeast of India) needed indentured slaves to help extract gold and diamonds from mines and for construction projects like railroads, while places such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and the cities. There are other common victim characteristics, including research paper hiv aids the following: Low level of education or no education Unemployment Limited employment opportunities in country of origin Dire economic circumstances Social and economic inequality in country of origin Armed conflict, military occupation, or regional conflict in country. Trafficking Networks and the Mexican Drug War, Job Market Paper, Economics Department. The Reapers Line: Life and Death on the Mexican Border. Kevin Bales, author of Understanding Global Slavery (2005 argues that historical examples of slavery in the United States pale in comparison to contemporary examples of human trafficking. Some will die trying to pay their debt or die trying to escape. It has also provided aid to NGOs to help them better assist trafficking victims.

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