Essay on my most useful possessions

essay on my most useful possessions

learned that our culture places a great deal of emphasis on owning things such as cars, jewelry, clothes, and shoes. Because love is so much more difficult to obtain than material possessions, it is much more important to most. Therefore, because someone must be give love to have love, it makes it much more difficult to obtain and all the more valuable. Today, it is a popular tourist destination to visit on holiday, due to it cooling atmosphere, serene environment and picturesque scenery. For me, my most valuable possessions are my family and friends, love, and my memories.

The real problem may not be so simple, but it may be one of the reasons here. The strawberry farms found here are also open for visitors, making them one of the top tourist attractions in Cameron Highlands.

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The Boh Tea estate in Sungai Palas is an awesome place to short essay of visit, with fields of tea growing around hills that seem to stretch for miles. Boh Tea is the largest tea producer in the Cameron Highlands. We must give top priority to work hard, not every fast road to success. In addition, being confident with myself has made me stand out as better employee at work and a better student at school. The idea of being materialistic can be considered immoral, but there is a fine line between morality and personal interests, so now is to see the people In the past, people are not in competition with one another, because in the past people is more.

essay on my most useful possessions

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A family is the most prized valuable possession or a treasured belonging one can have and no other thing can take that place.