Expose master thesis

expose master thesis

of holistic and individual healthcare services and products, by taking the example of CovaFit, will be presented and the future relevance of specific preventive health care programs, like CovaFit offers it to enterprises, will be introduced. Furthermore, I will analyze that Turkish negotiators can take advantage from non-verbal communication due to high context dimension during the experiment. Some authors (e.g Zhou Zhang, 2008;Azad Adair, 2011) how cultural differences in non-verbal communication may impact negotiation. The participants from the same countries will negotiate without a time limit. Soon after the second part of the experiment -the intercultural part -will be conducted between the participants from Germany and Turkey in English. Presentation of the new business model: Impact of preventive healthcare services on the business value in the Next Generation Enterprises.1. Cross Cultural Negotiation.1. These trends require managers and employees to think and work in new ways. First part of the experiment is the intra-cultural part that is a negotiation between the participants from the same nationalities.

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expose master thesis

Afterwards the participants will be asked to complete a short questionnaire as a post-negotiation questionnaire. Do not include lists of figures or tables. Afterwards, a case study the used car (Lewicki, Saunders, 2010,. Consequently, one of the ways to have a successful business negotiation is take advantage of interpreting of the counterparts non-verbal communication within a negotiation process. Downloaded on June 21 st, 2011 from Statistik-Austria (2009 Krankenstandsfälle und -tage 2009 nach Wirtschaftsklassen und Geschlecht. Laboratory 12 weeks 10 ects, the laboratory is made up of three thematic building blocks: design as research, design as education and design as projection. Reflect on the formats and mediums which crucially helped enforce the social implementation and effectiveness of ideas and projects.

Suggested Supervisor Michael bartz.
This master thesis suggests that to understand and consider the cultural differences in non-verbal communication of a foreign partner during a negotiation process can help them gain a better result.
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