Discuss discussion section of research paper apa

discuss discussion section of research paper apa

and interesting to read, and they're sure to appreciate. So instead of simply summarizing your data and suggesting a few obvious follow-up studies, think about presenting your data in a novel way, showing how the work might resolve essay my computer in urdu language an existing controversy in the literature or explaining how it connects to an entirely different literature. That includes avoiding language that implies causality when your study can only make relational conclusions.

Title page - Try to write a title that maximally informs the reader about the topic, without being ridiculously long. Do they support or disconfirm them? . name of variable -.56*.29*. . Thus, our diagnoses are tentative and additional research using more formal diagnostic assessments of ptsd and other psychiatric diagnoses may be warranted. However, there is little empirical evidence to support this belief or to guide the treatment of ptsd in individuals with co-occurring SUDs. Org via: m via: m via: m via: m via: m via: m via: m via: m via: m via: m via: m via: fo via: m via: m via: o via: m via: m via: m via: m via: via: moheganfd. Further Research Future research efforts are needed to develop effective strategies for improving the acceptability and ensuring the appropriate use of telehealth care for those patients who may be positioned to benefit from.

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