Difference between race and ethnicity essay

difference between race and ethnicity essay

Italian food, she speaks Italian, she knows Italian history and culture. The common populace uses race to classify people on the basis of hereditary physical appearances, such as skin color. But you can easily determine that all the males are Caucasian. However, American Heritage points out that the concept of race is problematic from a scientific point of view. Get access to our huge knowledge base which is continuously updated. As the United States grows increasingly diverse, terms such as "ethnicity" and "race" often are thrown around. The word ethnic is derived from the Greek ethnos that literally means foreign people. For one thing ethnicity deals with ones cultural background while race deals with a more genetic background.

It is preferred by most people to be identified through their ethnicity, since it represents their culture and doesnt have the potential to be offensive. Shared practices and values provide a sense of identification and belongingness to the members of the group, which keep a culture alive, and allow it to survive. While race and ethnicity may be social constructs, Wonser argues that they differ in distinct ways. Knowing whether race or ethnicity is a more appropriate choice for a given context is one step on the road to culturally competent writing. An Indian-American woman may display her ethnicity by wearing a sari, bindi, and henna hand art or conceal it by wearing Western dress. They are the same with just some minor differences. In the early 21st century, these groups are categorized as belonging to the white race. Italians, Irish, and Eastern European immigrants were not always thought of as white. Ethnicity, on the other how long is a multi paragraph essay hand, is a method of classification based upon a common trait of the population, such as a common heritage, a common culture, a shared language or dialect. 1 The physical features commonly seen as indicating race are salient visual traits such as skin color, cranial or facial features and hair texture. Language has the power to both clarify and confuse, but by choosing words carefully you can be sure that your point is always understood. For example, the color of someones skin would be described as his or her race, not ethnicity.

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