Twelfth night theme essay

twelfth night theme essay

major role in Twelfth Night, and Shakespeare addresses true love, self love and friendship in a very compelling and interesting way. What you will, to dismiss it (1. Even the name Twelfth Night resonates a sense of miscommunication due to its reference to the twelfth night after Christmas. Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy, and romantic love is the plays main focus. Throughout the play Shakespeare examines three different types of love: true love, self love and friendship. This coincides with Shakespeares choice to make the play occasional. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, this flip-flop of gender roles creates an interesting exposure of how the audience perceives what is feminine and what is masculine. This latent homoeroticism finds an explicit echo in the minor character of Antonio, who is clearly in love with his male friend, Sebastian.

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The discussion on the fool shows that people are not always as they seem, for though Feste is the jester, he is witty and knowledgeable. . Viola is confused because shes never met Antonio before. Because Antonio thinks Cesario is Sebastian, thesis on export competitiveness he steps in to defend him, out of his love. While this occurs, the subplot follows Elizabethan social norms historically set in the late 16th century. She thinks she is all that, and that no one can match her. But, Sir Toby and Sir Andrew recognize him as the wanted criminal that he is and turn him in to the authorities. The main story is of a girl who dresses as a boy so she can have employment in a noble household. .

He sets Sir Andrew up, and likes to get him into trouble. An example is persuading Sir Andrew to challenge Cesario to a dual, even though he is not a great swordsman and is unaware of Cesarios ability. Now the audience lives in a time when people can where generally anything they want; people who are no longer strapped to laws guiding your status, title, and dress. Love as the Cause of Suffering In William Shakespeares play Twelfth Night, love as the cause of suffering is one of the most prominent theme of the story. Love is great to read about because everyone deserves a little love. Perhaps the key to surviving January 6th and keep from losing your sanity in a tumble of twisted chaos is to stick to your true self. There are certain instances in the play where the emotion of love is true, and the two people involved feel very strongly toward one another. One face shows us that love can be beautiful and can bring happiness, the other shows a darker and more painful side where love can be heartbreaking and mournful.

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