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awesome presentation software

related to TensorFlow. H2O Sparkling Water - H2O and Spark interoperability. MLPleaseHelp - MLPleaseHelp is a simple ML resource search engine. Go-pr - Pattern recognition package in Go lang. Scikit-learn - A Python module for machine learning built on top of SciPy. FlinkML in Apache Flink - Distributed machine learning library in Flink. For a list of (mostly) free machine learning courses available online, go here. RDataSets - Julia package for loading many of the data sets available. KRHebbian-Algorithm - It is a non-supervisor and self-learning algorithm (adjust the weights) in neural network of Machine Learning. Data Analysis / Data Visualization go-graph - Graph library for Go/Golang language.

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Imgraph - An image/graph library for Torch. LBJava - Learning Based Java is a modeling language for the rapid development of software systems, offers a convenient, declarative syntax for classifier and constraint definition directly in terms of the objects in the programmer's application. Js - LDA topic modeling for Node. Glot - Glot is a plotting library for Golang built on top of gnuplot. Data Analysis / Data Visualization Flink - Open source platform for distributed stream and batch doing and deserving essay 1970 data processing. Mil-tokyo - List of several machine learning libraries. (pos tagging, lemmatisation, dependency parsing, NER) python-zpar - Python bindings for ZPar, a statistical part-of-speech-tagger, constiuency parser, and dependency parser for English. Chainer - Flexible neural network framework.

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