Ontology evaluation thesis

ontology evaluation thesis

overlapping domains. Degree Type, dissertation, degree Name, doctor of Philosophy (PhD department. Starting from a large set, measures have been singled out in order to). O2 is a meta- ontology (an ontology that has ontologies and ontology elements in its domain based on semiotics, which describes four dimensions of ontologies as communication objects: structural, formal, conceptual, and pragmatical.

The aim of this work is to investigate the practical aspects of ontology reuse and development and devise a framework for these tasks with a focus on the domain of Process Systems Engineering. Being able to assess an ontology's quality and suitability is also important when an ontology is developed from the beginning.

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Developing an ontology is a time consuming process which requires a high level of domain specific expertise. Raj Sunderraman, third Advisor, bala Ramesh, fourth Advisor. URI: /id/eprint/809920, actions (login required view Item, downloads. Ontologies are by definition designed to be shared and reused. Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral subjects : Process Systems Engineering, divisions : Theses. Vijayan Sugumaran, abstract, as the number of intelligent software applications and the number of semantic websites continue to expand, ontologies are needed to formalize shared terms. The proposed methodology called MetROn is focusing on reusing ontologies as well as making an ontology reusable. Ontology reuse is a paramount activity for knowledge engineers who, in turn, are expected to reduce the cost of development and to promote interoperability between applications. The paper exemplifies the application of two models for ontology description, evaluation and selection.

While ontologies are a shared knowledge base, they are also created on a specific environmental setting, time, and largely based on the modeller s perception of the domain.
OntoKBEval: A Support Tool for OWL.
Ontology Evaluation, qing Lu A, thesis in The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements.
This thesis provides an in-depth analysis of the current research in domain ontology evaluation, including the development of a taxonomy to categorize the numerous directions the research has taken.

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