Essay on natural disaster and survival skills

essay on natural disaster and survival skills

have to know the situation and your physical condition to determine when it's going to be safe to move. Find groundwater sources near or underneath green vegetation, canyons, dry riverbeds or rocks. Puncture wounds can be really serious, since you can get a bad infection or tetanus.

Its possible, however, to be caught by an unexpected emergency or to be unable to leave a disaster-stricken region. It can also be dangerous for children to play in the water, since there could be open manhole covers sucking the water down. Preparedness means to take care of the things you left behind too.

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However, each disaster has a different nature. Again, its a great place to start, though Id encourage everyone to plan further than the ari benbasat thesis recommended 72 hours. There will be supplies coming in, and people will see you there and give you supplies. Rainier Volcanic Explosion Regarded as the second largest active volcano in the world at an altitude of more than 14,000 feet those living around it should be more than ready in the event it erupts. The importance of practicing your plan, at least twice a year, will show its value in the actual disaster. As the heat soaks into your body, youll feel the chill melting away. You just have to find a place with some kind of civilization where you can get water and shelter. But quite often, these basic needs are confused with wants. Keeping the Winter Storm in Check Be ready to keep your home warm and be skilled enough to drive icy streets. Here are a few disaster survival skills you might find useful in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe.

essay on natural disaster and survival skills

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