Consciousness psychological and philosophical essays

consciousness psychological and philosophical essays

possesses phenomenal as well as physical properties ( dual aspect theory : Spinoza 1677/2005,. Berlin and New York: De Gruyter, 1992. Learning all we can about the brain mechanisms, biochemistry, evolutionary history, psychophysics, and so forth, of a bat still leaves us unable to discover (or even imagine) what its like for the bat to hunt by echolocation on a dark night. .

Van Gulick also clearly wishes to preserve the HO is his hogs. If so, then it would be odd indeed to hold that non-physical conscious states suddenly appear on the scene with humans.

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London: Constable, 1929. The origins of qualia. MA: MIT Press, 1992. Neuropsychology and Philosophy of Mind in Process. The two most prominent such theories are worth describing here: Daniel Dennett (1991, 2005) has put forth what he calls the Multiple Drafts Model (MDM) of consciousness. Readings in the Philosophy of Psychology, Vol.1.

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