Art forgery research paper

art forgery research paper

an exact copy, by a composite of parts, and by a work done in the style of an artist or period and given a deliberately false attribution. The range of forgeries extends from misrepresentation of a genuine work of art to the outright counterfeiting of a work or style of an artist. Dripps, Donald (October 1987). Gerald Bonner The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Forgery in the visual arts Any art object paintings, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, fine furniture, and decorative pieces of all kindscan be forged.

art forgery research paper

Bertrams dupe, the eccentric antiquary. The lack of knowledge about genuine pieces made detection extremely difficult. Large numbers of forgeries of antique works have invariably followed directly after great archaeological discoveries,.g., the 18th-century unearthing of Pompeii and Herculaneum resulted in quantities of forged Roman paintings. Various owners of these copies have at various times claimed that they possess the original. In all but a few isolated instances (some German stoneware reproductions, for example) the forger no longer has access to penn state ae thesis jennifer holden these original deposits and he has to imitate the effect of the impurities as best he can.

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