A turning point in life essay

a turning point in life essay

intensely magnified. Thus I applied for commission in Pakistan Air Force to fulfill my lifetime dream and By Grace of Almighty Allah cleared all tests and reported at PAF Academy Risalpur. One day to my surprise a female entrepreneur came to my office. I had revered and admired him for being sophisticated, intelligent and successful. Nearly eight years have passed since then. I buried them and their lives into doctor helping patients essay my own.

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I got involved in the mafia and pte writing essay youtube started a business of smuggling guns and ammunition and counterfeiting money. Life would never be the same again. As lives of millions of people are at stake. Few weeks later, we had a new transfer student, the dirt. Because guarding motherland is a sacred and a very delicate task, and only those are entrusted with it, who can do it with pride, honour and dignity. I had always modelled myself on my father. What I associate most with his absence is a feeling of blank space, many blank spaces, and a void of nothingness. Perhaps the most celebrated turning - point recorded in history was the crossing of the Rubicon.

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a turning point in life essay