The conquest of new spain essay

the conquest of new spain essay

today all that I then saw is overthrown and destroyed; nothing is left standing. Cortés emphasized that he had conquered a vast empire for the king and provided him with new sources of wealth. What is more, they were so badly led that some of their captains could not bring their men into battle. We were four hundred, of whom many were sick and wounded, and we stood in the middle of a plain six miles long, and perhaps as broad, swarming with Indian warriors. While military affairs were the focus of Bernal Dazs account, he also devoted ample attention to the peoples and customs he encountered during the course of the campaign. As for charges of excessive cruelty, Bernal Daz scorned them and accounted for the campaigns brutality as the inevitable result of war and the treacherous situations the Spanish forces faced. Download Hi Res, the Conquest of New Spain, back to Top.

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Essay about The Role of Religion in The Conquest of New Spain.
The Conquest of New Spain Cortés came not to the New World to conq uer by force, but by manipulation.
Vivid, powerful and absorbing, this is a first-person account of one of the most s tartling military episodes in history: the overthrow of Montezuma s doomed.

As for your great King, I feel that I am indebted to him, and I will give him of what I possess" (World History: Castillo, 248). However, through these recordings, we are able to see and understand Cortés' show more content. When the Aztecs realized the Spaniards were tired from their long journey and upon the arrival of their captain, Motecuhzoma told them, Rest now, and take possession of your royal houses. Translated with an Introduction. Introduction, preliminary Note, the Expedition of Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba. One Spaniard states, Everything they (the Indians) do is slowly done by compulsion.

Show more content, this also displayed a certain level of faith to let the Spaniards get so close to someone they held so high in the community. Their swordsmen and spearmen pressed us hard, and closed with us bravely, shouting and yelling as they came. And when we entered the city of Iztapalapa, the sight of the palaces in which they lodged us! He also took his readers on an extended tour through the vast markets of Tenochtitlán, describing the foods, fine textiles, jewels, precious metals, chocolate, paper, tobacco, human slaves, and other goods on offer there. Cortés observed all of this and knew that he was in favor in the eyes of Montezuma because his lodgings were in a sacred palace.

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