Different cultures in america essay

different cultures in america essay

where diverse cultures have been interacting with one another and bringing something new to the local culture. Apple pie is also very popular with Americans being an authentic part of the US cuisine. In their public activity, they must accept American cultural traditions, but in their private lives, they inevitably use their own customs, values, religions, traditional festivals and experiences to influence their behaviors. This is why America is described as the melting pot because every group wants to contribute something to the culture of the United States. This is why it has got nearly all religions known in the world. Culture of people are different in that the same events that maybe fear- inducing in one culture, maybe anger-inducing in another culture (Leininger's, 1991).

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Continue Reading, the Changing American Culture Essay 1324 Words 6 Pages, the vast political and cultural differences impacting American society are becoming increasingly liberal with each passing generation. So as most kids do when they move to a new neighborhood, they tend to try and make new friends. India has servants and maids that do majority of the household work so it is living like royalty, whereas, in America, everyone has to do everything on their own. R., (2001 the term popular culture replaced the term, folk culture in the. In the creation myths, harmony with nature, rituals, and strong social values are shown in each myths. There are so many religions with in each country. We can eat different cultural style foods.

It has got a population of around 320 million people. As for such cultural aspect as sports, the United States is widely known as a sports-conscious state. Since the 1960s, The America government has admitted, encouraged and supported cultural diversity.

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