My own hero essay

my own hero essay

in the event. She is always putting others before herself. Conclusion, my fathers dedication towards making earth a better place by contributing his bit towards improving the environment as well as his concept of working as a team are certainly two of his best qualities. Striking Work Life Balance. I look at a good book for a book report him as my hero. He knows how to maintain work life balance and we love this thing about him. He is equally considerate about the household tasks. I am lucky my father does not possess such a mindset. Over the last 20 years my mother has taught me many valuable lessons just by being a living example of compassion, thoughtfulness, and generosity. He was also good in sports.

Just a few weeks ago my mothers friend was talking about not being able to afford a new winter coat for her son. Only the above few personalities come in comparison with Gandhi so far his greatness is concerned. When I grow up I hope to become as professional as him, even if it will involve a different field. Essay on My Father My Hero 5 (600 words). They go on to become heroes for their children by the way they lead their lives. He called upon the people to non-cooperate with a government of satanic character. He helps my mother with the household work. He was widely acclaimed as the father of the nation. He contributed whatever he could and requested his other office colleagues to contribute for the cause. He knows me extremely well and is also worldly wise and thus gives advice keeping both his experiences and my nature in mind. But I am lucky that my father values his personal relationships as much as his work. He is like the backbone of our family.