The isis thesis pdf

the isis thesis pdf

considered coincidence. Her independent research and writing includes The Isis Thesis, a study decoding 870 ancient Egyptian Signs (2004 The Road from Orion (2004 a novel explaining the science in the thesis, continuing research on the thesis in 12 peer-reviewed articles (2005-2013) published in international journals, and. However, The Isis Thesis suggests that while accepting their funerary guise, encoded in the hieroglyphic symbols themselves is a fully developed science that rivals and in some cases surpasses modern science. Friend Reviews, to see what your friends thought of this book, please sign. Passages from nine well-known essay extended ancient texts including: The Pyramid Texts, the Coffin Texts and The Book of Gates have been carefully studied during the course of the research. On the quantum level of DNA transcription, the texts depict and describe proteins binding, folding and tunneling, using modern terms and images to explain black hole/white hole formation/evaporation processes. Current price is, Original price.0.

The Amduat Hours Gliding to Eternity with Seven Serpent Proteins. Community Reviews (showing 1-30) 2018 Goodreads Inc.

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From Here to Eternity through 339 Egyptian Science Who we are: from fermion to boson with a halo. The Isis Thesis shows how such disciplines were hidden for thousands of years, waiting for their secrets to be unlocked. The Word as DNA Instructions 113 Stalled Replication and Biochemical Bumps: Gentlemen: Restart your engines! Abductive reasoning allowed modifications to the working model with verification of Egyptian principles supported by modern scientific research. Assembling a Family in the Afterlife 145 How a Star is born, meets Luciferin and becomes bioluminescent Part Three The Guided Diffusion Path to Eternity. In this biophysical evolutionary process, the activities of Egyptian deities are signs explaining the ancient glycolysis gene expression network in our cells and the lifestyles of a complex bacterial virus that uses this ancient developmental pathway.